KC Virus Mask – Grass Green Pack – 2 sizes

The KC Virus Mask is a reusable half-face respirator, equipped with special virus filters to provide 99,98% viral and bacterial filtration efficiency. In addition to this protects both ways: the user and the environment at the same time. Moreover, the mask prevents viruses, bacteria, pollen, dust, bacteria, and allergens (larger than 0.027μm) from entering the respiratory system.

Breathing with less effort with dual filters! (Record-breaking breathing performance at less than 1.5mbar at 95L/min breathing resistance)

Please note if the mask is used with a single filter only, does not fulfill the criteria for PPE-R CAT.III, but protects against viruses at the same level.

18288 Ft 10000 Ft


Delivery within two weeks

Serial/Model No.: KC Virus Mask VBF 99.9

  • reusable filtering half-mask
  • changeable dual filters
  • no exhalation valves
  • available in small and large sizes

This package contains:
1 pc. mask body
1 set of filter holders with filter cap
2 pcs. of connectors
1 set of straps
1 set of additional straps
2 pcs. of laboratory tested filters with 99,98% filtration efficiency
1 pc. of filter adapter with CE mark
1 set of English documentation with the user manual
Weight without filter: approx. 78 g
Weight with dual filter: approx. 105 g
Approx. size: 124 x 107 x 63 mm

Category: III, PPE-R COVID 19.

Place of origin: Hungary (EU) – KC Struktur

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 cm


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